Suzuki LJ80 original Rims & Tyre also original snow master 600 x 100 full profile


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Rims 16 inch sandblasted and RAl 1013 powdercoated and good  original Bridgestone Snowmaster 7 tyre 6.00 x 16.

Bridgestone tyres original and  between 8 – 10 mm profile !!!

One complete wheel cost eur 325 ( new inner tyre, good rim sandblasted and powder coating in org. color and good snow master tyre.

One 16 inch rim eur 75,00 ( not sandblasted and coated)

One 16 inch rim sandal;astef and new powdercoated in original color euro 175,00

One good Bridgestone Snowmaster cost Eur 125,00 ( not new one )

One rim, sandblasted and powder coated and new innertyre complete and ready to use euro 325,00

No shipping, must be calculated , please send  a message



  1. eljeeholland

    Hello Carlos,

    Yes we can do that, do you only need the rims than they are euro 75 x 5 = 375,00 each and around euro euro 375,00 for shipping.
    When you need rims powder coated then the pice for a rim is euro 150,00 each x 5 = euro 750,00 and euro 375,00 shipping

    When also with a tyre euro 250,00 each x 5 = euro 1250 + shipping euro 750,00

    Regards Pieter

  2. mohammed

    Hello, I want to ask you please about her condition and tire suit. Please respond to me as soon as I am serious about buying and I want 5 pills

    • eljeeholland

      Hello Mohammed,

      All tyres are in good condition and around 7,5 mm profile or more

      All rims are new coated and before that sandblasted

      shipping can be arranged

      Regards Pieter

  3. Carlos

    Is any possibility for shipping? I have a LJ80 -1980 Like new and I need 5 rims. Shipping to Puerto Rico, US Zip code 00725
    I will appreciate your help.

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