News ( also a new car for sale LJ 50 sere II )

Our meeting 29 & 30 may 2021 is cancelled because off CORONA NEW DATE = 21 & 22 MAY 2022

We just have a very rare car for sale , it is a LJ50 serie II complete with all new sheetmetal , good seats , running two stroke engine 550 CC 3 cil. a nice restoration project, working brakes and clutch , also a NEW not used original soft top Black and old soft top and the original new frame, also lot off new spare parts, mirrors, wipers , original tank includes in good shape , chassis is very good shape , MATCHING NUMER S BODY AND CHASSIS nr = body 1418893 and engine nr = 459564 new masterbrake cilinder and all wheelcilinders , soft top doors and bars ,complete car euro 12500,00

Value after Restauration between 25 – 30 K